Turn and Face the Strange

1384191_177508902442195_1041543599_nI'm homeless. Or rather, my book is about to be.

My publisher, Fable Press, is succumbing to the fate that befalls many a small press and closing their doors within the next few months. I'll forever be grateful to them for taking a chance on my work and on me, and for bringing the world within The Hidden Icon to so many new readers.

I took a chance with them, too, and I don't regret it. I don't think it's possible to regret being published, ever, no matter the outcome. I got to feel like a Very Real Writer at Ohioana. The Hidden Icon was featured by my publisher at BEA last year. Friends and family members frequently shared photographs of my book on the shelves of their local libraries, and I scribbled my name in all of the copies at my favorite local bookstore.

People said crazy amazing things about it.

"Jillian is one of those rare writers whose characters communicate with a brush of hands what people in bodice rippers need pages of purple prose to say. The ending brought the house down."

"As a lifelong fan of fantasy, I have learned to settle for quick, flat characterization at times and for shaky or lazy world-building at others. I did not have to settle at all reading this book, and what a joy that was!"

"This book was written with flair, grace, and intricacy; it teased my brain, played with my heart, and left me desperate for more."

So, what's next?

Choosing not to self-publish means The Hidden Icon will no longer be available for sale on Amazon, so, get it while the gettin's good. Or, snag a copy for free. I'll be running several giveaways over the next few weeks on Goodreads. Rights to the book will revert to me soon, so, hopefully it will be out there in the world again someday.

I'll be starting closer to scratch than I thought it would be when it comes time to pitch the second book, but I'm not (too) scared. I can't be. There's too much writing and baking and loving on babies and living to be done.