The Email, the Email, What-What, the Email

Strong Bad EmailIf you remember Strong Bad checking his email, then we should be friends. Even if you don't, really. You're here and that's enough to make me want to spit in my palm and put 'er there.

But, in the interest of doing the writerly thing and rekindling joy one inbox at a time, I'm launching an email newsletter. I can promise irreverent blog posts, quotes from what I'm reading, first peeks at new projects, and foolish things mined from the internet. You can even turn the lights on and off as you read, if you're into that sort of thing.

I am also actively interested in what you'd like me to write about. A dear friend of mine recently provided me with a fabulous list of questions to go on, but the best things are those that delight, that surprise, that begin conversations you didn't even know you wanted to have. I dig collaboration, so, have at me.

All new subscribers - which is to say, at this point, every subscriber - will receive a link to download a new folk tale as told by Eiren in the sequel to The Hidden Icon. Which I should hopefully get to talk about pretty soon, too.

You can sign up on my website. Readers can anticipate a bi-weekly email and no more - I have small children, a full-time job, and a nasty sleeping habit that's conflicting with my even nastier writing habit, so. No spam here.

Though I make no promises about canned unicorn meat.