Meet Me at Imaginarium

Excitement! I'll be participating in the Imaginarium Convention this coming weekend, 7 - 9 October, in Louisville, Kentucky. I've been trying to attend this convention pretty much since it began, and my babies kept being born and preventing me from doing so. If you're local to the area, it looks to be a pretty fabulous event for reading, writing, gaming, and cosplay. I'm on a few panels with some cool folks and I'm practicing my jokes so they aren't lame. Except, my rehearsed jokes are possibly lamer than the spontaneous ones.

I'll be at Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, 7 - 9 October.

My schedule:

  • Friday, 5:00 PM, Slow Down, Hot Stuff! - If you’re into waiting a solid six hundred pages before characters jump into bed together, instead savoring meaningful glances, heated accidental brushing of hands, and lots of dancing around feelings, have we got some book recommendations for you.
  • Friday, 8:00 PM, Author Signing in Vendor Hall
  • Saturday, 11:00 AM, How to Fracture a Fairy Tale - Fairytale and mythic retellings are a popular storytelling device – some might say too popular. How do you pull it off in a way that feels fresh and interesting?
  • Saturday, 5:00 PM, What's In a Name? - How to create names for your characters that fit your world’s language and culture.
  • Sunday, 1:00 PM, Bad Boys (and Girls)! - The anti-heroes, the lone wolves, the ones so bad they are good. Why do we like the bad boys and anti-heroes sometimes more than the white knights?

Guys, I bought the good treats for my signing and will have paperback copies of The Hidden Icon available for sale - the very same editions you can no longer buy on Amazon, or ever again, as it will be re-released along with the second book next year. Consider yourself bribed.