Cosplay Dreams for 2017

The weeks and months immediately following Dragon*Con are the very best for plotting for next year's Dragon*Con, and this year I've been busier than ever. Dottie WilliamsI've doubled down on my commitment to cosplay Dottie next year, as I absolutely owe it to my best friend. And, our mutual friend expressed some interest in joining us as Mac, so, winning.

And we've agreed together to try for Arwen and Elrond, which is the cosplay we never knew we wanted to do until we so did. I've had the pattern for one of Arwen's dresses for more than 10 years, and thank goodness multiple sizes are included because, ahem, I am a bit more than the woman I used to be.

The minute I doffed the red hat I was ready to be Peggy Carter again, and to expand my wardrobe. I purchased an Eisenhower jacket on eBay so that I could put together her ensemble during the scenes where Steve Rogers commits to Project Rebirth. The bonus of this get-up, of course, being that I get to sport some victory rolls.Arwen

Finally (for now), my nerd-excitement over a Duckie sightingat this last con is shared by many, and a whole crew of folks are now planning to cosplay characters from a variety of John Hughes movies. After about a seven second deliberation, I decided I couldn't cosplay a teenager, not even a 20-something pretending to be a teenager, so I settled on Iona from Pretty in Pink. Let the wild but intentional thrifting begin.

While there's still a part of me that's desperate to try my hand at Sabriel or Aeryn Sun, I think this is enough to be getting on with?