'Tis the Season

In no particular order, here are some things that I would like for Christmas. Star Wars Carolers

Please read a book. Let me know which one and I'll try to read it, too. Then we can talk about it, maybe over coffee? But please don't make me leave my house. It's cold outside and I like my jammies.

Something you've made. We can trade - I write a mean short-short story. Or, at least a mildly amusing one. Shall I eviscerate someone in fiction for you?

A mid-afternoon .gif war. I'm most in need of stimulation around 2:00 PM, but as napping at work is definitely out, something to keep my neurons firing would be most appreciated.

An honest review of my work. Here's a little secret: this writer would rather you shared my books than buy them. I mean, buying is excellent, but if I had to choose between the cup of coffee I can buy with my share of the royalties versus the priceless word of mouth recommendation, I know which one I would prefer. I've even got a few copies of my books floating about that I'd be willing to provide for your reading pleasure.

A book recommendation. These are surprisingly challenging to come by, or they're too general and don't feel like they're really for me. I am diligent about what I like, though. Maybe we like some of the same things?

I've got some early gifts for you, too. Beginning this coming Sunday, December 18, I'll be counting down to Christmas with the seven silliest and best things about celebrating in the age of the internet. I'm as nostalgic as the next person for the holidays of my youth, but there's plenty to appreciate about being able to connect with fellow twinkling-light obsessed nerds at the speed of a tweet. If you don't want to have to check back here for frivolity, sign up for my email newsletter and nerd out at your leisure in your inbox.