Good News, Everyone!

Farnsworth I'll admit that optimistic though I was for a future for my writing eventually, I was ready to pack it in for a bit when my publisher closed their virtual doors. There was a whole heckuva lot going on in my personal life that required my attention, and most evenings all I could manage was popping a bunch of popcorn I had no intention of sharing and re-watching Veronica Mars or Enterprise for the zillionth time. I was still writing, sure, but I'd moved on to tinkering with a different project and dreamed of taking it just a little bit easier on myself.

But a fellow author and friend and generally fang-tastic guy Bill Blume was kind enough to offer me an introduction at the press he'd recently signed with, Diversion Books, and I suddenly found myself scrambling to polish the draft of the sequel to The Hidden Icon when they offered to re-release not only the first book, but to publish the next as well.

So this is me formally telling you that there's more to the story, and you get to read it, likely sometime next year. The Hidden Icon has a tentative re-release date much, much sooner, which I'll share once I've got a swank new cover to reveal and all of the semi-certainty that goes with it.

In the meantime, if you, like me, identified more with these guys than this guy when you were a teenager watching Lost Boys, check out Bill's Gidion Keep, Vampire Hunter series. I won't tell you to sink your teeth in because that would be lame, but know that I am totally thinking it.

Feel free to harass me to edit a chapter every time you finish reading one.