Eiren Lives and So Does My Pathetic Sense of Humor

Two quick, glorious, gorgeous things. First, are you ready for a cover reveal?

Because I am.

And I'm feeling coy.

Not so coy as to use elipses to excess...

But maybe the enter key.





Because this is worthy of a little silliness.





And a shameless Rocky Horror reference.





Especially when a killer cover waits in store for the patient scroller.







The Hidden Icon is a fantasy novel by Jillian Kuhlmann.


Alright, forgive my old school web games. At least I don't have a glittery tail on the mouse arrow. But it's gorgeous, right? I wish my monitor had a curtain so I could draw it back over and over again in a sort of weird, writerly game of peek-a-boo.

With the cover comes confidence to share the re-release date: September 1. As in, six days from now. Less than a week.

Excuse me while I marvel at my fortune. And work on affixing that curtain in between rounds of edits of The Hidden Icon's sequel.