I Dream of Cosplay, Again

I told myself I wasn't allowed to start planning cosplays for next year's Dragon Con - and I am too broke to buy fabric anyway - but that doesn't mean I can't compile a list of dream cosplays that I may lack the time and skill to make, right? Just run with it.

After this year's experience with painting my entire face you'd think I'd be turned off by it, but of course pining after a Kyoshi warrior means the application would be even more complex. Alas, I can't resist a beautiful badass.

Captain America Peggy Carter because, obviously. I may or may not already have bookmarked tutorials on triple victory rolls. I'm not telling.

Maybe it's the hair. It's certainly not the shoulder pads. But cosplaying Rachael from Blade Runner at least means I won't need to wear a wig and don't need to worry about my weird smile. Because, you know, she doesn't.

I've been wanting to join the 501st since I first met (and drank with) them many years ago at an Ohio convention, and of course I can't let myself just make an officer - the easiest way in, though still screen accurate - I have to aim BIG. I loved every little thing about Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and Kreia turned Darth Traya was no exception. And I'd have a reason to buy a red lightsaber. That's called winning.

What do you think? If I were going to make one of these dream cosplays happen in the next year, which should it be?